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We meet local needs and resources with global solutions and suppliers. We thereby contribute to United Nations Global goal #7 “Clean and affordable Energy” – aiming at providing affordable and clean energy for us all. As there is a big global spread in access to power, we wish to contribute 2-folded to the mission:

  • Serving bn-$ investments in the offshore wind industry to be cost-effective within our area of expertiese, i.e electrical systems/ concepts and grid. Being successful in continuously making wind power even more cost-effective will attract investors, even more, thereby continuously expanding the extend of sustainable energy production globally – WorldPower Consulting ApS is intended to serve this purpose.
  • Serving some of the 1bn fellow human beings, who are yet to get access to power. Currently reaching out for ideation of business concepts, that will allow sound businesses to contribute to rural communities getting sustainable and affordable energy solutions matching their needs and ressources – WorldPower Solutions IVS is intended to serve this purpose.


We empower the World

  • through sustainable development
  • through collaboration & mutual opportunities
  • enabling choices of peace


Our hope for the future is that every human being will have access to energy and use that power to create the life they dream of. We believe that access to affordable and clean energy is an enabler for individuals in all parts of the world to improve life and/or consciousness, while at the same time serving the climate, peace and create business opportunities. We are therefore highly supportive of the United Nations Global Goals, and in particular #7 “Affordable and Clean Energy”, which we wish to contribute to.